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The Trans Pacific Partnership is just another step by the new nazis (the new world elites) to put thier new world order agenda into full effect. The new world elites actually won world war 2 and have been trying to remain incognitto up until now. They almost own congress right now. What happens if they take the Presidency ? Sign the petition ahead NOW to stop this takeover and the hell with the billioneers ! : PRESS Here

The world will not be destoyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. So stop watching fox lies and watch and donate to Free Speech TV.

USA..... are you ready for the totalitarian tiptoe ? Its happening right now. Dont know what that means ? WAKE THE F UP AND LEARN ! THE NAZI PARTY STARTED EXACTLY LIKE WHATS HAPPENING NOW, only now its the new world order elites. STUDY THAT AND STOP BEING CORPORATE SERVING IDIOTS! THEN MAYBE YOU WILL BE AWARE OF WHATS HAPPENING !

The only part of Government that is a problem is the tea party, otherwise Corporatocracy is the real threat.

shit bast We DONT hate the Government Its not thier fault that they are controlled by the elites in the NWO

AdvancedCCC provides FREE Internet TV and can create a TV station for you too.

One special service AdvancedCCC offers : We offer "FREE" Streaming "Live" and Prerecorded Broadcasts of medias that are absolutly NOT available on your standard TV Stations. We do NOT broadcast what lame and boring corporate controlled media does ! We broadcast only "NoN - Paradigm" and unusual type programming.

What we can do for you : Anyone can have their own personal Internet TV Station online. AdvancedCCC can put your TV Station on your own website or we can also broadcast your event to the world so it can be seen on our website. Weddings, partys, clubs, or ANY event can be broadcast "LIVE". AdvancedCCC can make it happen. Email us to make your Internet TV Station "LIVE".

AdvancedCCC Offers a variety of Unique and FREE Internet TV Stations.

Internet TV Stations are represented by the blocks below. They are either "LIVE" Streaming TV Stations or Pre-recorded Videos. Some are progressive Stations, others are just unusual and or unique entertainment. The "LIVE" media youll see on these Stations, most likely will not be available any where else (Not on cable, not on Dish or Direct TV). Ths "LIVE" media presented here on this website is available primarilly here and on a website known as "Veetle". Thats why it is unique. To select any of the 10 Stations below, double click on any block below and it will take you to another page so you can watch that video. Tune in and enjoy the freedom from the boring corporate controlled media and especially the LIES on fox news !

Dont forget to check out AdvancedCCC's LIVE Streaming Broadcast at the bottom of this page.

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Why are we being lied to by religion and the corporate media?

Well, you can find the truth here :

The Hottronics Internet Television Network

You will see Below that there is a "LIVE" Stream of the Free Speech TV Channel, or another unique Non-Paradigm type Station. If trying to watch the Free Speech TV Station below, it will start and play automatically with nothing else to do. Once in a while, this station will hang, just refresh the page to bring it back.

Please go directly to the FilmOn UFO Channel by PRESSING HERE

PLEASE NOTE : My tests show that the Veetle Tv Channels do not work correctly in all browsers. For instance, Internet Explorer 11 seems to have problems...Please read ahead....

Most of the time the solution is to put " " into "Compatabilty Mode Settings". Heres how : When you get to the UFO channel, select "Tools" and then Compatabilty Mode Settings. Put "" where it says "Add this website".Select "Add" then "close". Refresh the webpage and most of the time, the UFO channel will show.

There is one other "LIVE" Veetle Stream of our Hottronics TV Station, which is more entertainment oriented , Go to the webpage by PRESSING HERE
Press on the Live broadcast, if available (It is not a 24 hour broadcast)

Your Host, DJGOTEE

Steven Greer and the Disclusure Project :

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The Secret Space Program :

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Inside the fox news LIE MACHINE :

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Jim Marrs News and Views:

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The TR3B Secret Government Technology:

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