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Id like to tell you that DJ service is completely unique and different from the rest of the DJ's. Im actually also an IT / PC tech. That means I work on computers and high tech gear, however, I have also been DJing since 1979. This gives me very advanced technical abilities that other DJ's do not have or cant offer. One special ability we have TO OFFER, as an additional service, that no other DJ service offers, is to broadcast your party online on the internet "Live" (audio and video), like an internet Radio or Television station. Another example is that all my music is "virtual". This means its on a computer in digital format as an mp3. I dont use CD's,TAPES, records, Ipads/Ipods or any other media devices. With this in mind, and unlike other DJ's who are confined to playing only what they have in their music libraries, I can specifically play the music you and your guests want to hear.

Heres how I do gather all the mp3's (mp3's only please) from your music library and when we meet, I "borrow" your music for your party. This way, everybody is satisfied. However, I did want you to know I do specialize in High Intensity Club Dance Music (i have all the hits going back to the 1930s). However, I offer to borrow your mp3's and play up to 20 of your songs (5 mins max each song) in the price of the contract. Your mp3"s must be delivered to me on a USB thumbdrive before the event, prepared in pristene condition and with no editing required, and ready to play. Thats over one hour of specifically the music you and your guests, want to hear (that YOU chose yourself)! To top it off, all the mp3's I borrow are given back to you when the party is over, as you are the owner of this music !

Private Parties and

NightClub DJ

Your Host, DjGotee

We currently have a special price for DJ Service and lights for 4 hours : We are professionals and absolutely No One Beats anywhere this $200 fee for 4 hours of entertainment . Notice that almost none of the other DJ services tell you their fees in their ads, you usually have to call and beg them for their fees and the fees add up. Our fee is Clearly stated ($200 for 4 hours) for this offer, with absolutely NO OTHER FEES.

This offer includes : A medium to large size PA (public address system) which is available, for rental, for just $200 for 4 hours (many areas of Orange County Fl., call for info) See picture of equipment. (This PA is powerful, as powerful as any medium to large size DJ system out there for a fraction of the cost. Only top of the line equipment is used). A former Radio DJ, Music Mix and Sound Engineer and Radio Station Engineer offers this PA and a DJ for any gathering, Yes, a DJ to mix sounds is included ! This offer also includes DJ lights, yes it includes a dynamite array of lights! Mics are provided for speeches by guests and again, as mentioned, DJ is present for sound and song mixing,

but please note, for this offer ($200 for 4 hours), the DJ can not coordinate activities (We can not MC). . Please ask about other offers that include coordinating and MCing activities. Other offers can also include broadcasting your event LIVE on the internet, so others in far away areas may watch your event on their cell phone or on a PC (does any other DJ or Entertainment company do this or offer such a service?....I have not found any !)

The Music : A variety of well known music provided, (A massive music library from the 1940s to present, including Current Club and radio genres), just like any DJ offers, but with one difference : All our selections are Specially selected DJ mixes with extreme fidelity, with monster bass and clarity, sometimes extended or remixes, that most other DJ's do not have. Almost all songs are easily recognized by most people.

Save hundreds of dollars compared to other DJs and get much better sounds. This service can be a very good affordable alternative substitute to an very expensive wedding, or party DJ. Why pay $300, $400, or even $500 or more for a few hours of music and probably a loud obnoxious clown on the Mic?

Our experience; Been mixing sounds since 1978, including opening acts for bands like REM, the 60s band The Animals, Huey Lewis and the News, the Ramones, Talking Heads and many more. We also hosted a club in New Haven Connecticut in the late 70s and 80s where we were in close contact with and obtained much of the talent from Hilly Krystal at CBGBs in New York City. In the late 1980s and 90s we spun sounds at raves. Starting in the 2000s, we run a live Television Station on the Internet. (We are not amateurs). Please call or email to find out more... Steve.

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If you want to hear any of my mixes on the MixCloud Website.

So, what are you looking for in a DJ? Do you want :

  • Experience? DJGoTee has been doing parties and clubs since 1979 .
  • A DJ with Smooth conversations with a crowd and natural sounding announcments? DJGoTee doesnt have to scream like a "clown" , he has a natural ability to communicate calmly and accuratly.
  • A DJ with highly specialized professional equipment? DJGoTee is a certified Electronic Technician and IT / PC tech. with over 45 years in the industry. DJGoTee has been working with and repairing audio gear before most all DJ's have been born. Please scroll down this page and look for a picture of some of our equipment.
  • A DJ who will play the exact music you want to hear, not one who just says they will. DJGoTee backs this up by meeting with you personally to "borrow" your music to play at your party.
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who is advanced enough technically to be able to "Broadcast", not only the "audio" of your party, but also the "video" (just like TV), "Live" on the internet. How many DJ's do you know who can accomplish this without the help of an outside Computer Network tech.?
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who has hobbies like setting up and running internet radio stations, configures and repairs Computers-Cell Phones, sets up and runs internet Television stations, produces club DJ "Beat Mixes", works on Computer Network security, a one time low power radio station engineer......among other avenues of expression and accomplishment.
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who will compete and be fair with pricing.
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who absolutly "Loves" music and not just plays it as a business.
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who does not drink, is healthy and has unlimited stamina, even at the ripe age of (Im not saying!).
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who knows what "Trance", "Breakbeat" and "Hard House" is, how to mix it and knows about other forms of progressive music played only in High intensity dance Clubs.
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who puts together his mixes so that the sounds of the songs actually work in harmony together.
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who knows from long time experience which songs and music actually "works" in getting people up on the dance floor and DANCING, even those who normally do not like to dance.
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who has ALL the songs that are important to the general music and Club industry, not just a collection of music available to anyone. This is only the best and carefully selected music made for Disc Jockey's specifically (Special DJ mixes).
  • A DJ like DJGoTee who is sensitive to other peoples wants and needs.

    Do these attributes sound like what you are looking for in a DJ? If so, please take the first step in communicating with me and provide answers to the questioneer ahead...thanks and Looking forward to meeting with you....

    And finally... Of course DJGoTee does not have a Million dollar setup, (but we have very professional equipment) and have much intensity and devotion. Do you want this type of devotion? If the answer is "YES", email DJGoTee

  • Please have answers for the following questions when you contact us.....

    What is the date of the event ? PLease also provide your telephone # with area code and your name so we can call you back. What type of event and how many people?

    If a wedding, do you need a master of cerimonies ? Generally, we do not provide MC services, or organize events

    What is the location of the event ? Generally, how far is this from ocala?

    How many hours and what hours(from --- to). Is the gig inside or outside? Generally, we do not do outdoor gigs in the extreme heat of the summer and rainstorms, due to the use of Computer equipment. Indoor or sheltered gigs are required. No tents please.

    Are there any stairs to climb, or any Obstacles to get to where we have to setup our equipment ? If a difficult loadin, extranious fees may apply.

    What is your specific music interest, in other words, what types of music do you want to hear at your party and can you temporarilly provide your prepared mp3's to DJGoTee so we can play the music you want to hear?

    Do you want your party Broadcasted "Live" on the internet (like a radio station)? This is an extranious service that will require special equipment and setup and extranious fees.

    Here is a picture of some of our highly specialized professional equipment.
    A "Live" Broadcast of your party via the internet is an option offered by

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